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Working exclusively with genuine Swarovski® crystals and crystal pearls, you have a rainbow of colors to choose from.  In addition to popular choices in our drop-down menus, special crystal and pearl orders may be available for designs in our Bad Beadz, Classic & Convertible and AGJ Signature Collections.  Let AGJ help you add the latest Fashion Color Trends to your wardrobe.  

Swarovski® Crystals:  Precision cut, 32% full lead crystal manufactured for the jewelry trade by Swarovski® of Austria, since 1913.  Often imitated, but never duplicated, these crystals are the industry standard for brilliance, clarity and quality.

Swarovski® Crystal Pearls:  With a core of full lead crystal, these pearls display a rich luster, color consistency, have a natural weight and warm to the skin.  They are also resistant to cosmetics, moisture, sunlight and scratches.  Swarovski® crystal pearls have been used by the top jewelry designers and fashion houses in the world.

While no photograph can capture the true sparkle of Swarovski® crystals or luster of Swarovski® crystal pearls, photos on this site are offered as a close representation.  Photos on this page were taken in diffused natural sunlight.  Actual colors and effects will vary with your light source.

Click on photos for more information; scroll down for birthstone colors and anniversary lists:

Crystal Birthstone Colors:

January, Garnet: deep red
February, Amethyst: dark purple to light pink
March, Aquamarine: light aqua blue
April, Crystal: clear
May, Emerald: deep to medium green
June, Alexandrite: color-changing light blue/light violet (or Pearls)
July, Ruby: dark to medium red
August, Peridot: medium yellow-green
September, Sapphire: dark to light blue
October, Rose: medium to light pink
November, Topaz: dark smokey brown or dark to light honey gold
December, Blue Zircon: dark greenish-blue

Crystal & Pearl Anniversaries:

3rd year Crystal (Modern gift list)
12th year Pearl (Modern gift list)
15th year Crystal (Traditional gift list)
30th year Pearl (Traditional gift list)

 Additional information regarding materials may be found in our AGJ Glossary of Terms.

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